Seeking Patients With Kidney Impairment Due to PH

Local researchers are seeking patients of all ages with severe renal (kidney) impairment due to primary hyperoxaluria (PH) for a clinical trial.

You may be interested in the PHYOX™ clinical trial program, a series of research studies evaluating a new investigational medicine called nedosiran, formerly DCR-PHXC, for the treatment of patients with PH.

For more information on the trial, visit and enter the identifier number NCT04580420, or click on the following link:

Residents of the EU can visit EudraCT and enter the identifier number 2020-002826-97. 

See if You or a Loved One Qualifies!

To participate in the PHYOX7 study, patients must:

Have been diagnosed with PH by a physician, confirmed by genotyping

Have severe renal impairment

Have no history of systemic oxalosis

Either have no history, or a history of 18 months or less receiving dialysis

​If you or someone you love has PH and you would like to learn more about the PHYOX™ clinical trials, fill out the form below.

A study representative will contact you and answer any questions you may have. Your information will only be used for the purpose of this study, unless authorized otherwise.

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Have you/has your child been diagnosed with primary hyperoxaluria by a healthcare professional?*
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​What to Expect

Potential patients will be screened over a period lasting no longer than 6 weeks. Qualified patients will be enrolled into the study.

Patients will receive monthly doses of nedosiran over the course of 42 months. The first 6 months are known as the primary treatment period. Upon successful completion of this period including the Day 180 visit, participants will continue for 3 years or until nedosiran is commercially available, whichever comes first.

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